Ocelot 3 - MSU

Automatic Long-Range Video Monitoring System


Ocelot 3 - MSU is a long-range day and night video monitoring system based on CCD and thermal imaging cameras, combined with sensors for automatic detection of optical lenses.

  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • VIP protection
  • Automatic sniper detection
  • Anti industrial espionage
  • Border control and protection
  • Counter-intelligence operations

Ocelot 3 - MSU System includes

Advantages of LRG

  • With the laser range-gating technology it is possible to see through vegetation, masking nets, curtains, tinted or mirrored glass, etc. at long ranges.
  • The effect of scattering and blinding the camera by rain, fog or smoke is prevented by time discrimination of the falsifying signals.
  • It is also almost immune to blinding from foreign light sources.
  • It keeps operational under bad weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) and under battlefield conditions (flashes, smoke).

Outdoor Unit (ODU)

  • Ocelot enclosure for all climate zones
  • Option: HSC module - high speed scanner (Option fast automatic pre-scan), Laser class 1
  • LRG module - Laser range-gating, Laser class 1 or 3A
  • LRF module - Laser range finder (up to 2000 m), extended 4000 m, Laser class 1
  • CCD camera - extended 4000 m
  • 75 mm thermal camera (detection of humans up to 2 km) 150 mm, extended 4000 m
  • Active processing unit incl. dual compass- and GPS-system
  • Power supply 240 V / 12 V
  • Pan-Tilt 340 ° / Option: Pan-Tilt n x 360 °
  • Option: Transportation kit
  • Option: Tripod
  • Option: Mounting kit for cars
  • Option: Long range thermal camera system, extended 4000 m
  • Option: Other thermal / CCD cameras on request

Indoor Unit (IDU)

  • Mil Spec Laptop with Ocelot MSU software license
  • Option: HDMI Video Grabber (for recording)
  • Option: Joystick

System features

  • Automatic detection of optical lenses
  • Real time information on map
  • Remote control via cable or wireless

Option: Movement detection and tracking software

Optical movement detection and target tracking

Mobile Configuration

Cluster Configuration

Car Configuration