Multimission Adaptive Radio System (MARS)

Multimission Adaptive Radio System - MARS, our compact satcom solution.

The “MARS” – Multimission Adaptive Radio System is based upon the measurements and characteristics of a 20 feet standard transport container which ensures a cost-efficient transport on the road, rail or air and sea freight.

Independent from the climate conditions, local infrastructure and electrical power supply “MARS” can fulfill its task in different missions, amongst others such as Communication-, Monitoring- or Jamming system. For this purpose the customer has a variety of equipment and options at his disposal.

Easily deployable, self contained multimission system

The system “MARS” can be characterized by the following features

  • Very short time for a complete start-up (< 1 hour)
  • No prepared surface are necessary
  • Integrated multi-band VSAT antenna 2,4 m
  • Integrated mast systems up to 30 m height
  • Independent power supply via up to two generators or with wind and solar energy alternatively
  • Integrated workplaces in an air-conditioned and ventilated room, optional with sleeping berths for two people
  • Automatic operation and control via tablet pc
  • Complete remote control of the most important system functions and applications
  • Loading and adjustment of the system via integrated lifting system (no crane necessary)
  • Transport on every truck with a platform of more than 12 t possible
  • Tested and certified according to NATO standards (shock proof and EMC)
  • Short training period for the staff. There are no specialists necessary for the installation and dismounting
  • Several systems can be controlled from one central station at the same time.

Unloading / lifting process



  • Different mast and antenna solutions
  • Alternative power supply via wind power, photovoltaics or fuelcell
  • Armoured
  • NBC-Protection
  • EM shielding
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control

MARS - Specific Solutions

Communication and Broadcast Unit

  • Internet, VoIP
  • TV, Radio

Multi Sensor Unit

  • Satellite monitoring
  • Wideband radio monitoring
  • Direction finding systems
  • Passive and semi-active GSM-monitoring
  • Internet-traffic monitoring

Multi Jamming Unit

  • Satellite jamming
  • (i.e. DVB-S packet jamming)
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE jamming
  • IED jamming
  • Selective jamming
  • Special designed jammers
  • For any available frequency range