FC-NG 16 - Noise Generator

FC-NG 16 is a Smart Noise Generator designed to neutralize all kinds of stethoscope, parabolic, beam and laser listening microphones. Application of a white noise is the only way how to stop the remote microphone attack in most of standard rooms.

The powerful noise generator can feed up to 50 piezoelectric acoustic converters, 2 low impedance loudspeakers or their combination. Piezoelectric elements are normally stuck on the window glass or installed on the room wall.

Any listening device picking up the conversation from the window or wall is disabled including the ultimate long range laser system which is badly affected even if focused on an object in a room because of Doppler phase noise modulation.

The efficiency of FC-NG 16 is optimized by built in microprocessor which is in automatic mode analyzing sounds in a room to adjust just suitable output noise level to protect in-room conversation against eaves-dropping.

The main advantage is much higher security because the user is not switching off the unpleasant noise during conversation free period. In a critical moment e.g. telephone call, sudden visit, meeting beginning etc. the protection is so always ready.

The noise up and down delay and the voice recognition criteria are optimized for the highest security to ensure reliable noise start in a wide scale of different individual human voices.

The FC-NG 16 is designed to be suspended on a side of working table, in a Pelicase or rack. The front panel controls allow to adjust LOW or HIGH power, both levels in either MANUAL or AUTO mode.

Five colored LEDs indicate current system mode including processor self-test. Portable option for travelers or special meetings is also available. For some special applications with low impedance loudspeakers, like protection of heavy concrete walls, car interior, room interior etc. the low impedance high power option FC-NG 16-HP is available.

The noise barrier is the only way of protection against eaves-dropping especially in city conditions if the VIP windows are surrounded by a number of other uncontrolled objects.

Each important organization dealing with confidential information should protect at least the rooms of the general manager, secretary and the conference room.


Supply voltage 12 V DC (10-15 V)
Current consumption 0.1 to 0.5 A (load dependent)
Output power 2 x 2W / 8 Ohm min.
Capacity Up to 50 resonators or 12 loudspeakers
Output signal White noise max 40 V p-p
Output levels HP/LP 12 dB ratio, MANUAL / AUTO mode
Status indicators 5 x LED including self-test
Adjustable Basic noise level and processor sensitivity
Size (W x H x D) 165 x 52 x 220 mm (without case)