Counter-IED Equipment

Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Jammer - FC-IED-Jammer

Counter-IED equipment are created mainly for military and law enforcement applications and are used for detection of explosives and explosive precursor components and defeating the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Portable jammers against Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) are intended to protect VIP when there is a threat of acts of terrorism against them using RCIED.

FidusCrypt GmbH offers the latest cutting edge counter IED jamming systems

FC-IED-Jammer-04 ensures reliable jamming (triggering prevention) of RCIED receiver that operates in 20 to 2,700 and 5,600 to 5,900 MHz frequency band. Main control unit of the RCIED Jammer is located in a vehicle boot. Set of whip aerials and auxiliary NSG units #1 and #2 are fixed on a vehicle roof using magnetic mounts. RCIED Jammer is powered by a vehicle on board power line.

Operator controls operation of RCIED Jammer from the passenger compartment using wire remote controller.


  • Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes
  • Filed Operation activity
  • Special Police Authorities
  • VIP convoy for security purpose

Modular Jamming System

Our protection modular jamming system is intended for protection against radio controlled improvised devices (RCEID). The system prevents activation of RCEID eventually it can significantly reduce the distance for bomb activation. The system is used to protect the special EOD teams or for convoy protection. The jamming is realized by random frequency sweeping in a few frequencies subbands at the same time. Each subband has possibility to set up to two communication windows for mutual radio communication.

The jamming system is equipped by 8 wideband transmitters, 3 lowpass filters, 1 combiner, 6 omnidirectional antennas and 8 wideband digital exciters. The higher level of jamming effectivity is accomplished by using more parallel subsystems and digital technology. The jamming system is intended as a mobile system which is installed in the vehicle. It is equipped with the omnidirectional antennas which are part of the system. The output power of the jammer is up to 740 W.

The jamming system is easy controlled and the failures are easy diagnosed. It is controlled from the front panel. Operator can switch on/off particular transmitting systems and subsystems, set up to three jamming subbands in each. Dwell time in each subband can be also modified. Jammer is eqiupped by IP, RS 485 and USB interface. The system is also equipped by special SW which can be installed on notebook or PC. There is also a special remote control box included. System is supplied by 22 to 30 V.