Advanced Wi-Fi Spectrum Monitoring System

Wi-Fi Guardian is portable security solution, designed for audit and intrusion detection in Wi-Fi networks. System consists of hardware unit equipped with sensitive Wi-Fi boards and operator laptop with control software.
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Automatic Long-Range Video Monitoring System - Ocelot 3 - MSU

With the laser range gating technology it is possible to see through vegetation, masking nets, curtains, tinted or mirrored glass, etc. at long ranges.
The effect of scattering and blinding the camera by rain, fog or smoke is prevented by time discrimination of the falsifying signals.
It is also almost immune to blinding from foreign light sources.
Keeps operational under bad weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) and under battlefield conditions (flashes, smoke).

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Multimission Adaptive Radio System - MARS

Multimission Adaptive Radio System - MARS, our compact satcom solution.

The “MARS” – Multimission Adaptive Radio System is based upon the measurements and characteristics of a 20 feet standard transport container which ensures a cost-efficient transport on the road, rail or air and sea freight.

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OEM Products

Wall Penetrating Detector

For locating of moving people behind walls

WP-Detector is a portable and easy-to use security solution, designed for locating moving people behind several reinforced concrete walls and multi-layer building constructions in real time.

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