Complex System Technologies

Wall Penetrating Detector

For locating of moving people behind walls

WP-Detector is a portable and easy-to use security solution, designed for locating moving people behind several reinforced concrete walls and multi-layer building constructions in real time.

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Non-Linear Junction Detector

For the purpose of detection of mobile phones und SIM cards

The FC-D 2016 device has been developed for:

  • Detection of electronic systems for covered recording
  • Detection of improvised explosive devices (IED) with electronic ignition under severe conditions of urban areas
  • Detection of electronic fragments at sites of detonated bombs

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Sniper Detection System - OCELOT 3

Sniper Detection Before Shooting!

The Sniper detection system OCELOT 3 is a handheld, compact and lightweight camera system and operates according to the principle of laser range gated imaging.

OCELOT 3 is an indispensable equipment for police forces and VIP protection, Facility protection and Countersniper operations.

The camera can be part of a modular system, including Pan-Tilt unit, HDTV CCD camera, Thermal camera, laser range finder, rugged Tablet PC with control software.

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Fräsen, Bohren und Gravieren

CNC-Fräsdienst für individuell gefertigte Frästeile

Zur Ergänzung unserer hauseigenen Produktionsstätte wurde eine CNC-Fräsmaschine der neuesten Generation beschafft.

Dadurch sind wir in der Lage nicht nur unseren Eigenbedarf an individueller Fertigung zu decken, sondern können auch einen kostengünstigen Fertigungsservice anbieten.

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